domenica 23 febbraio 2014

Dogecoin - BitBurgers stand at Sunday UpMarket

The Sunday UpMarket in Brick Lane is one of the main attractions of the East End of London. Every Sunday there are stands of foods of different types of cuisines from various part of the world, exhibitors of vintage clothing and much more. The peculiarity of this huge accessible space is to find young exhibitors that come up with new ways to attract customers. Fascinating is the case of BitBurgers that I discovered through the Guardian's article titled What is Doge?, which mentioned it because of their use of Bitcoin and Dogecoin as payment methods. I went to see them and after an exchange of preliminary conversation, the enterprising owner of the stand asks me how I discovered them and he was particularly amazed when I showed him the article from the Guardian, which he didn't know about. While I was there, two customers choose to make the payment with Dogecoin, and I realize that BitBurger's choice to accept this particular currency instead of other cryptocurrencies has been successful, even better than Bitcoin. If you're in London and want to experience a new payment method using Dogecoin and you want to enjoy a good Bourbon Burger Steam don't miss this opportunity with BitBurgers.

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